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1) Regional Care Coordination: Developing a statewide, coordinated  medical delivery system that incorporates a surge capacity care plan, centralized patient triaging, and alternative care sites.

2) Clinical Care: addressing important medical resources including but not limited to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Intensive Care Units (ICUs), ventilators, drugs & therapeutics as well as innovations in COVID-19 testing and treatment.

3) Transportation: supporting the Emergency Medical System (EMS) by safeguarding local EMS and 911 systems and providing transportation support resulting from increases in interfacility transfers.

4) Modeling, Analytics, and Reporting: creating an evidence-based, data-responsive, COVID-19 planning model that reports on key indicators needed for strategic planning.

5) Workforce: developing policies, guidelines, and protocols that respond to workforce expansions in healthcare and other relevant industries.

6) Legal &Ethics: ensuring oversight and compliance with local, state, federal, and tribal laws as well as navigating difficult decisions that may arise from potential challenges such as rationing limited health care resources, imposing restrictions to individual movement and liberties, and upholding professional duty to treat in the face of personal danger.

7) Communications: information dissemination and education to healthcare providers, other industry partners, and the public

8) Behavioral Health: Ensuring quality and timely access to behavioral health services and supports during the pandemic, including through the provision of telemedicine and telehealth interventions

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