MAT Resources

Defining a COVID-19 Recovered Case

Given the limited availability of testing supplies and the significant number of individuals that have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the MAT recommends defining recovered cases utilizing symptom or time-based methods whenever practicable. Download this resource

COVID-19 Children & Youth Frequently Asked Questions

The MAT has develop a series FAQs for parents and caregivers about COVID-19 in pediatric patients, covering topics such as symptoms, prevalence of COVID-19 cases among New Mexican children, testing, treatment, and wearing of masks. Download this resource

Strategies the State of NM, individual healthcare facilities and providers, businesses, and individuals can consider to ensure adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment until COVID-19 vaccine or treatment is widely available

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) utilization has significantly increased due to the pandemic, and it is not realistic to expect production of PPE supplies to increase to meet the increased demand nationwide. To address these shortages, the MAT outlines strategies...

COVID-19 Testing Strategies for Long-Term Care Facilities

In this document the MAT descries current testing strategies in long-term care facilities and recommends changes, where applicable, for facilities with (and without) COVID-19 cases. These include recommendations related to testing during transitions of care (e.g....

Release of COVID-19 Personal Health Information

Although the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) allows for the disclosure of COVID-19 positive status to certain entities (e.g. Emergency Medical Services) it does not require it, and is not recommended at this time. There are other...