Public Health Gating Criteria for Reopening New Mexico


Public Health Gating Criteria for Reopening NM

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Current Status

Spread of COVID-19 1. Rate of spread (10-day rolling average) 1.05 or less 0.90
Spread of COVID-19 2. NM daily cases (7-day rolling average)^ 210 93
Testing Capacity (general and vulnerable populations)* 3. Number of COVID-19 tests per day (7-day rolling average)^ 5,000 6,081
Testing Capacity (general and vulnerable populations)* 4. COVID-19 test positivity rate (7-day rolling average)^ 7.5% or less 2.0%
Contact Tracing and Isolation Capacity

5. Time from COVID-19 positive test result to case investigation and isolation

24 hours or less 18 hours
Contact Tracing and Isolation Capacity 6. Time from COVID-19 positive test result to contact tracing for quarantine 36 hours or less  25 hours
Statewide Healthcare System Capacity

7. Adult ICU beds occupied across 7 NM Hub Hospitals**

less than 439 260

 *Beginning April 30, 2021 the gating criteria measures will be updated weekly on Tuesdays.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a long-term event that requires careful, evidence-based decision making and policy planning that both saves lives, and promotes economic recovery.

Therefore, the State has developed public health gating criteria that are part of New Mexico’s phased plan for a safe and gradual reopening of the economy and society. Gating criteria are thresholds New Mexico must satisfy before beginning to relax social distancing restrictions and closures.

The criteria are assessed regularly and if the levels meet predetermined, evidence-based targets, the State will assess the ability to move to the next phase. Additionally, as the State learns more about COVID-19 it may add additional measures over time to help close gaps in knowledge and better ensure New Mexico is meeting reopening goals.

Currently, the gating criteria consists of eight measures each with an assigned target. In evaluating reopening, officials will consider the State’s ability to achieve a decreasing transmission rate, adequate testing, expansive contact tracing and isolation, and sufficient hospital capacity.

Gating criteria, in conjunction with the COVID Safe Practices Guide for Individuals and Employers (developed by the NM Economic Recovery Council), are designed to promote safety of community members, employees, and customers.


*Per CDC: adults 64+, people with asthma, chronic lung conditions, immune deficiency and those receiving cancer treatment, serious heart disease, diabetes, on dialysis, severe obesity, chronic liver disease, people living in nursing facilities and other congregate settings, people experiencing homelessness

** University of NM (ABQ), Presbyterian (ABQ), Lovelace Medical Center (ABQ), CHRISTUS St. Vincent (Santa Fe), San Juan Regional Medical Center (Farmington), Memorial Medical Center (Las Cruces), MountainView Regional Medical Center (Las Cruces), Eastern NM Medical Center (Roswell)

^Daily public case count and test numbers are raw data based on information the state receives today – meaning data that has not yet been scrutinized to identify potential duplicates or late-arriving positives or negatives. By contrast, the Red Yellow Green Current COVID-19 Case Outlook provides a highly accurate picture for a two-week period of time.