Conducting viral tests for the presence of COVID-19 infection is critical to understanding spread of the disease, and the State relies on data from these tests to make reopening decisions.

To reopen safely, NM must conduct thousands of COVID-19 tests daily. However, it is neither possible (nor necessary) to test everyone. Data from tests are like photographs– a snapshot in time. Thus, in NM, the State will prioritize testing for:

  1. People who are most likely to have the disease (e.g. individuals with symptoms or those identified by contact tracing).
  2. High-risk populations, meaning individuals who are more likely to suffer greatly if they have the disease (e.g. people over 65 and those with underlying conditions).
  3. Essential workers who have repeated contact with many people in close quarters and who cannot always practice physical distancing (e.g. first responders, mass transit workers, grocery store employees, and healthcare workers).
  4. People in group living situations (e.g. senior living facilities, group homes, and correctional facilities).
  5. People who are hospitalized or having procedures to protect patients and healthcare workers.

In NM, all COVID-19 testing is FREE OF CHARGE and anyone can get tested, whether they have insurance or not. Test sites exist in every county, and many people can access test results online.

Gating Criteria Target: 5,000 tests/day (7-day rolling average)

In this graph upward trends are positive developments. NM aims to perform as many COVID-19 tests as possible.